Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are your phones unlocked?
    YES! By legislation, all phones sold in Singapore cannot be SIM locked.
  • What happens if a product is out of stock?
    We do not have real time stock status on our website and items can be out of stock from time-to-time. If we are able to obtain a stock soon, we will ask if customers would like to wait, otherwise we will provide a full refund of the amounts paid.
  • What is a sealed/supplier set?
    Sealed/supplier sets are brand new and directly obtained from local distributors. These devices are completely new. The warranty coverage will start from your date of purchase. (Note: Some supplier sets may not be sealed. Authenticity can be verified using warranty information.)
  • What is an activated/re-contract set?
    Activated/re-contract sets are new phones that are sold to us by customers who have re-contracted with the telco. These devices may carry an operator's logo/seal or have warranty registration dates that are several days old but are otherwise brand new and unused.
  • What is an export set?
    Export sets are sold as-is and without warranty and not for use within Singapore.
  • Why are different sets the same used model priced differently?
    There are various factors affecting the prices of used products such as physical condition, age and warranty.
  • Is the warranty local or international?
    Warranty is assumed to be local unless explicitly specified.
  • Do you charge GST?
    No, we do not charge GST as we are not GST registered. GST registration in Singapore is not mandatory for small businesses with less than S$1m annual turnover.
  • Do you offer GST refund?
    No, we do not offer GST refund as we are not GST registered. GST registration in Singapore is not mandatory for small businesses with less than S$1m annual turnover.
  • Are there any other hidden charges or gimmicks?
    All prices are listed as is and is valid for Cash and PayNow payments. If you opt for other electronic payment methods (NETS, Credit Card) at the retail store, you will be advised of additional fees. There are no gimmicks. You will get the phone and its full original contents.
  • Do you accept NETS payments?
    Yes, we accept NETS payments at our retail store. An additional 1.5% will be levied.
  • Do you accept credit card payments?
    Yes, we accept Credit Card payments at our retail store. An additional 3% will be levied.
  • Do you accept credit card instalments?
    Sorry, we do not accept credit card instalments at the moment.

Trade-in / Buy-back

  • Can I sell without buying?
    Yes! we buy New and Used phones , tablets & watches. Prices are updated daily.
  • Do you provide backup/transfer?
    We encourage customers to perform your own backup/transfer as we can only backup/transfer one device at a time at our retail store. Backup and transfer is chargeable at $30 and is only for Apple to Apple devices. We do not provide this service for Android/other devices and will not be liable for any data loss through this service.
  • What do I need to bring?
    For new devices: Your NRIC, work permit or passport, original telco receipt or purchase receipt, and the complete set with box. Item must be purchased in Singapore.
    For used devices: Your NRIC, work permit or passport, all original accessories that came with the phone including the box. If device is still under warranty, please bring along the purchase receipt.
  • Are refurbished/replacement sets considered new?
    Refurbished sets are considered used, even if they are in original sealed packaging (e.g. Apple Certified Refurbished units.)
  • Why do you need/are you allowed to collect my NRIC/Work Permit/Passport?
    This is a mandatory requirement of the Secondhand Goods Dealer's Act and supersedes PDPA. More information can be found on the PDPC website.
  • Do you take in sets purchased outside of Singapore?
    It depends on the make and model. Please contact us.
  • Can you find my lost device?
    We register all second hand devices with the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Devices found to be stolen will be withheld and handed over to the police. If you are looking for a lost device, you are advised to make a report with SPF. We do not entertain individuals looking for their lost device/s.


  • How long does a repair take?
    Typical repair time can vary from a few hours to a full day depending on crowd and parts availability.
    * We recommend customers to arrive between 1pm and 6pm to avoid disappointment. Repairs after 6pm may not be completed within the same day.
  • Do you provide backup services?
    We do not provide backups prior to a repair. Customers are encouraged to backup their devices before sending for repair. We will not be liable for any data loss.

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