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Product Questions

Are your phones unlocked?

YES! By legislation, all phones sold in Singapore cannot be SIM locked.

What are export sets and why do people buy them?

Export sets are usually cheaper. Some models may also be available before they are launched locally.

Export sets are sold as-is and without warranty.

What are agent/supplier sets?

Agent/supplier sets are directly obtained from local distributors. These phones may sometimes carry an operator's logo/seal (due to the distributor's commercial arrangement with operators) but are completely new.

Agent/supplier sets will carry the WhyMobile seal on the warranty card with manufacturer's warranty coverage starting from the date of purchase.

What are "sign line"/contract sets?

"Sign line" or contract sets refer to brand new phones that are sold to us by customers who (re)contracted with a local telco operator.

These phones may carry an operator's logo/seal or have warranty registration dates that are several days old but are otherwise brand new and carry a valid warranty.

Why are different used products of the same model priced differently?

There are various factors affecting the prices of used products such as physical condition, age and warranty.

Please call us to find out more about a particular product. Do not e-mail us as used items come and go quickly.

Is there international warranty?

Warranty is assumed to be local unless explicitly specified. Most products do not come with international warranty.

Trading-in / Selling Questions

What is the difference between trading in and selling a phone to you?

A trade-in refers to a customer who exchanges an old phone for another phone and obtains a rebate. Selling us phones for cash does not require a purchase.

Trade-in prices are usually higher than selling prices.

What do you require for a trade-in?

We will require the phone and all original accessories that came with the phone. If there are missing accessories or an expired warranty, the value of the phone may be reduced.

We will also need an ID - NRIC, Passport or similar. This is required by the Singapore Police Force to deter and track mobile phone theft.

Payment Questions

Do you charge GST?

No, we do not charge GST as we are not GST registered traders. GST registration in Singapore is not mandatory for small businesses with less than S$1m annual turnover.

Do you offer GST refund?

No, we do not offer GST refund as we are not GST registered traders. GST registration in Singapore is not mandatory for small businesses with less than S$1m annual turnover.

Are there any other hidden charges?

No, all our cash payment prices are listed as is. There are no hidden charges or gimmicks. You will get the phone and it's full original contents.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit cards payments at an additional 3% to 5% of the sale price (varies depending on prevailing rates).

Do you accept credit card installments?

Sorry, we do not accept credit card installment payments at the moment.

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